The Best Up-To-Date Conversion Marketing Layout Tips for a Website

While marketing has its difficulties as is, conversion marketing can prove to be a very different beast in and of itself. Conversion marketing or the ability to influence your audience to click on a link, respond to a call-to-action, or engage with your promoted content in any way requires skill and technique that needs to be from the audience’s point of view. This type of marketing is not impossible. Below are the best up-to-date conversion marketing layout tips for a website to make your conversion marketing more successful.

Know What People Do If you are finding that many people are visiting your websites and viewing your content but not responding to your conversion marketing, consider looking a little more into what they do after they make a stop on your webpage. Having a strong page for your customers to land on, or landing page will make all the difference. More and more consumers are complaining that when they click on ads, the initial page is cluttered, not clear, has too many side links, or is other than the ad had led them to believe. Your initial landing page should resemble your ad information in some way and be clear and concise so that you can effectively engage and keep readers.

Be Clear about Your Call-To-Action More often than not, poor engagement is the result of a poor call-to-action. By making your intentions clear to your audience, buy this, sign up, try this, etc., they have less detective work to do and are naturally more inclined to pursue your products and/or services. To do this, make sure that your call-to-action is clearly visible, easy to locate, and not overdone.

The last thing consumers want is to read Sign Up several hundred times. Be clever with your way of pointing out your CTA as well. Audience members are attracted to shapes and mostly neutral colors and actually negatively impacted by arrows, flashing lights, or bold colors. Imagine some of your favorite websites and analyze what about the physical aesthetics appeals to you on these websites.

Make Your Offer Clear After a CTA, the next most important aspect of a successful conversion marketing design is the offer. Call to actions are strengthened by an offer which acts as a form of enticement for your audience to do what you would like, signup for something, try something, etc. Near to your CTA should be your offer to the audience even if that offer is a promise or reminder of the benefits your product/services can bring.

Make Your Website User-Friendly Owners and sellers are passionate about their products, as they should be. This can often come across too strong and give away too much information. For successful conversion marketing, consider the layout and content of your website. Do you have too much on your navigation bar? How detailed or technical is your “About Us” section? And, how much extra info is on there that needs to be trimmed down? If you are worried it is too little information, take into consideration that getting your audience to contact you to find out more is another step in the marketing process. Limit your information to the six journalistic questions: who, what, when, where, why, how. And give enough but not too much information.