What are some great strategic marketing tactics people should know about?

A lot of people want to succeed in the market but does success come easy? Marketing plays a vital role in everyone’s life and the person who can strategically market well can succeed in a much more efficient way. In order to understand what strategic marketing tactics is, we must know what exactly strategy is. The strategy is kind of a plan of action which helps in achieving the endeavor through long term planning. It is the master plan which separates other entrepreneurs from the usual ones. Without proper strategy, it is really difficult to succeed in the market as the market is quite dynamic i.e. it is continuously changing and one must need to keep on making and changing strategies in order to survive in the market.

Marketing is one of the macro aspects of advertising. With proper marketing, a product’s sale can rise sharply. Marketing tactics are set of strategic methods whose ultimate aim is to promote the goods and services of a business by either maintaining a competitive product in the market or by inflating sales. In order to understand strategic marketing tactics, it is very vital to understand the following 7P’s of the marketing mix tactics:

1) Product/Service – It is about understanding the product one is willing to offer. It starts with branding, packaging, development and so on and so forth. One must carefully recognize the unique selling points and the niche which will help to distinguish them from the other competitors.

2) The price of the product – Mere making a proper product is not enough. It must be available at the proper price. Depending on the income group of the consumer’s, the various products/services must be categorized. Keeping the price low and providing top notch quality would help in maximizing profits and building an everlasting relationship with the customers.

3) Position – Position or place refers to the channels/location of distributing products.

4) Promotion – This is a part of strategic marketing tactics. One can promote in newspaper, TV, radio and so on and so forth. If it is lucrative enough, one can even consider hiring a public relations agency for doing the online promotion and advertising.

5) People – Hiring the right people is the mantra for success. By right people, I mean people who are genuinely hard working, knowledgeable and friendly. They are the ones who will redress consumer’s grievances with ease.

6) Process – The process is about the whole flow of a consumer/buyer experience. It means the distribution channels or the procedure which the buyer has to go through to buy a particular product/avail a particular service.

7) Physical Environment – It refers to the go down where the goods are kept. The place of warehousing must be kept clean.

These are the main areas where strategic marketing tactics are to be used. It is imperative to understand the competitor’s way of working so that one can have a competitive edge. It does not end here. Strategic marketing tactics is a macro concept which can be applied to various fields, industries, and business houses. However, proper planning is a mandate in order to use these tactics profusely.